The Nightmare Of The Real

Since I last visited this site a great deal has happened. The current political administration has actively gone after and encouraged violence against all who aren't THEM, who aren't white, who aren't 'Straight', who aren't 'Christian' and there have been far too many deaths of innocents to count, far too many lives gone who could have enriched the world but were extinguished...


 Because they dare to believe in a better place for all of us, even those fucked up religious idiots who have a grade school education and believe whatever someone in 'Authority' tells them is the 'Truth'. They embrace the idea of destroying anyone who knows more, who can do more, who has more to offer than a bunch of meaningless verses from a dead writer who lived centuries before, their world being no more than where they could walk in a day or see from a mountain top.

Today, thanks to technology, we can see the entire world from the safety of our home, some have actually made the journey from here to there and back, and we can see deep into the universe and yet there are still those who think the planet is flat, that history is only 4000 years old (More or less) and that science is only good when it helps us get well and then they do not thank the physician, they thank an empty sky.

I can't tell you how many people I've known who have been diagnosed with a disease and stand defiantly with the idea that they'll beat that disease. Some become better, but you never 'Beat' any disease, you don't 'Beat' death...You can delay it. You can extend your days and nights but, in the end, we all have to face that final journey.

 Why then do we have those in power, those walking the halls of congress and the legislature and the presidency act as though they are going to live beyond their tenure behind those protective walls. Don't make the mistake of believing they're working at passing or keeping all these laws to protect you, their base, their 'Believers'...They are lining their pockets with great wealth so that they can stay above you and yours when they leave their lucrative jobs. The entire idea of being a servant for the people is a joke...The people are servants to the elite.

 We just think we're free.

The recent pandemic is a good example of how much power the government has over us all...And let's make no mistake here: I believe in the medical officials who have stood against the big orange error in power over and over. We need to stay away from each other for a time, not until a 'Cure' is found because no virus has ever had a cure. A virus survives because it continually mutates so a single 'Cure' cannot erase it. The common cold is a virus. The flu is a virus. AIDS is a virus. None have cures and neither will the C-19 virus.

No, the president in charge is telling you to go to work, to ignore the deaths and to make us the number one economy again. The businesses who were making millions are doing the same thing: Work or lose your job, fuck your life. The government sent a bunch of money toward helping the economy, gave workers who were displaced money to keep them above water and now? 

The mandate has been issued: Go to work or lose all your benefits. 

That red hat you've been wearing to prove you're one with the Nazi party isn't going to help you now. You are an asset and if you aren't working for the fat man and his 'Associates' then you're of no use.

Welcome the the nightmare of those with eyes have always seen. America is a country made of diversity and yet the wealthy, the white minority who truly believe they're above all those who have helped make them wealthy, really think they can survive without them. They will take their cruises (Even now), they will vacation above the sick and dying and pretend their personal goals of getting that new pool or buying that new house/car/whatever is all that is important. 

They probably thank their relevant 'God' and believe it's because they're 'Chosen'.

 People...You are alive. That's all. 

And you know what? It's enough. 

All I have ever wanted in my life was to draw, to love, to be loved. Never wanted the big check, never cared much for trying to prove myself to those around me, I simply wanted to be the best I could in my world. There were times when others pushed me to do something else, to be...More...And I gave in, I actually did become 'More'...And it was ugly. It was painful and it wasn't where I was ever meant to be.

I made my mistakes, some of them illegal and immoral and I know how incredibly blessed I am to still be alive, to still be free (Within reason) and to have been able to find those friends who have been my family, to have been able to tell them how much they have made my life worth the journey. 

Fame, fortune and excess is way too easy to gain these days. Andy Warhol once said everyone would have their 15 minutes of fame and they have...I don't care about fame. Or infamy (Which is where I spent too much time).  

All I want to do it try and make the world better for those who are still being repressed, still being attacked. We're living in the 21st century and black lives are still being endangered and stepped upon ten time more than white people. All people of color are still being attacked but they are no longer alone...

...Now the world seems to have embraced the idea of attacking the LGBTQ Commuity because even the lowest person on the racial ladder wants someone they can hate.

 For a brief moment in time we dared to believe we  had the same rights as everyone else. For a moment we thought the protests were over, the discrimination was over, the hate, not so much gone but cooled...

...Look at the headlines. Trans individuals are being literally slaughtered in parts of the world and every month the murder rates in America are rising. The nightmares of old never went away...We simply chose to believe in the best of America and we relaxed.

All of America relaxed. 

Now the Nazi movement has returned. Now racists can stand on government steps, armed and angry and daring anyone to challenge their rights to be bigots. People are once again donning the hoods of the KKK. 

Real life is a nightmare and it's scary. It's terrifying for so many out there.

The only strength we have, the only hope we have, is to stand. To say: Enough!

Enough to the 'Church' and all religions that hate and call it 'Love'. Enough to a government that demeans women and all who aren't white. Enough to those who want to beat on someone because they're tired of being another person's punching bag.
 We are in a pandemic. People are getting sick, people are dying. How long will this last?

For a while...Longer than most, I'm sure. But we must never stop standing up to a government that uses the people instead of works for the people. Race, gender and sexual orientation will always be at the end of a very thin string, always waiting to be cut by someone who has the tenuous power to do so.

All power, like life, is temporary. It will die. 

And if we want to be able to hope for another, better life for those like ourselves, we can never disappear. We have to always be there. Be noticed. Be loud and proud.

Me, I always just wanted to be a quiet little artist.

Fuck it...As long as I'm alive, I'm not going to stay silent.

If you don't like it...I'm not that hard to find. 
I'd be glad to welcome you to my reality.


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