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Once Upon A Time

This story happens in no particular order...It simply begins with being born and it will eventually end with being dead and, like most tales, it gets all mixed up in between. There are moments of truth, others of lies, greatness pops up here and there, some good, lots of bad. Pretty much looks and sounds like your normal life...Average, somewhat boring, but nothing really special. Until you look in between the moments. Back in the dark ages, before computers, before instant information, before everyone knew everything about anyone, there were secrets. Some were kind of innocent...Maybe this person kept their sexuality a secret because back then, and still sometimes today, being gay was dangerous. It was bad enough to keep your sexuality a secret in a small town, but to be in the military it became down right dangerous...Back then the 'Treatment' for being gay often meant a 'Lobotomy', sometimes it meant having the living crap beat out of you. That's one kind o