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Ah, Bitter Judgement

This last month I've had a lot of talk time with my sister and that's brought back a whole lot of memories, some good, some great, some I'd rather never think about again...But that's the whole thing about life. You have to take the whole package that comes with it, family, friends, enemies, and, sometimes, strangers who may become more or might just vanish as fast as they showed up. My life has been an adventure, a series of errors and mistakes bundled with the great fortune of meeting and knowing some of the best people in the world.   And then there came the whole what happens after we die thoughts. Bottom line: NOBODY KNOWS! NO ONE!  Zilch. We all have ideas and call them 'Faith'. We hope there's another chance at making our Karma finally work out. Maybe you believe in Heaven and Hell (I don't). But I started thinking about the whole 'Judgement' thing and, having the unpleasant experience of being before many a judge and a mili