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  All my life I've been at odds with the word 'Choice'. As American's we're told from the beginning that we live in a country where we can actually have a 'Choice' in our lives and, yes, sometimes they're not particularly good or smart or even right (I have problems with the word 'Right', also. We'll talk about that later), but we have the right to choose. In the last decade I, and a whole lot of others, have awaken to the truth that the American's who have 'Choices' are usually white and not a person of color and that women of all races have even fewer options and if you're not a cop or wealthy politician or head of a drug cartel it doesn't matter if you're white and the whole 'Choice' thing goes out the window with all the other fairy tales we've been fed over the years.  I'm one of those white people who never really thought about race. I grew up on the south side of the tracks, my friends were Hispa