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In The End We Always Embrace The Lie

It's been said we die twice in this world. The first time when we're buried and the second when your name is no longer mentioned. We all hope to be remembered, I think...Or more appropriate we want to be remembered in a good way. Sometimes that's just not going to happen no matter how you try to live the last part of your life the first two thirds have probably already been chiseled in stone. When I was young I was diagnosed at Barrows Neurological Center with a problem with a part of my brain and was said it seems to manifest itself as something called 'Position Vertigo', the inability to make sudden movements without suffering a balance problem. It wasn't until the military had a hold of me and as I lay recovering from a wound they ended up giving me a psych evaluation which just seemed to go on forever. They graphed off my bald skull into squares and stuck needles into my brain (Ouch) and they discovered I had an abnormality in the prefrontal load whic

Failure to Thrive

I've been dealing with a lot of things lately.  I'll get to that in a bit. When I was young, early teens kind of young, I never saw myself making it to old age, frail and embracing what memories I had left in that thing I call a brain. Like most people that age the term 'Old' probably meant anyone forty or over, alone, a regular customer to the liquor department and watching endless hours of television waiting for death to embrace this crazy life and then...Well, that's always been the question. What then?  There are no lack of 'Reality' television where people go in search of 'Ghosts' and get all excited when they see a shadow moving, a chair rocking, little things that get the viewers all worked up hoping for that piece of evidence that proves we don't end when our hearts stop and knowing we aren't going to get it. Some people find solace in religion, old words written by long dead men whose initial intent was to keep the populace u

The Uncensored Artist

The following illustrations are from a story titled 'Women in Love by Julie Aramos'.  There are more from this story...Lots more. I'll probably post them on this site if FB doesn't got all self righteous and makes me take this down. later