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Hammer Horror

It's safe to say that without the old 'Hammer' horror movies we would never have had 'True Blood' or 'Kolchak' or a multitude of other films/series...Good and bad. Hammer Films is one of those memories best left where they are or in still photographs because today they are not great...Nostalgic, yeah...Good? Nope. Still, as a youth they were incredible and were the first time I ever thought of sex and horror making the perfect kind of film for a pubescent pre-teen. And I started to draw those scenes from the films back in the 80s when a writer and I worked to create a comic based upon the first Hammer 'Dracula' film. (Side note: Because of Hammer I tried to read the original 'Dracula' book by Stoker and it was, and still is, incredibly boring. It wasn't until I was in my 40s and had a copy of an annotated version of Dracula that I actually understood it. Still...Boring.) But it was the 'Hammer Glamour (An actual term used for t

Over Half a Century...

I should probably mention this post isn't really safe for work... I haven't been writing a lot and there are reasons for this...All of them end up being my brain is a mess and every time I read the news I feel waves of insanity just flowing over my soul. I try to keep myself calm but, hey, this is one screwed up world we currently live in. So when I received a notice for the renewal of my Blog I figured now was as good as any to post those drawings I can't post directly onto FB. Becoming an artist, or just a well rounded human being, means you have to discover where your boundaries lie. Once I was invited by a publisher to join others to hear his idea for a new comic book line and as we introduced ourselves the person before me, a really excellent artist, made the comment there were certain things they wouldn't illustrate. I came next and said there was probably nothing I wouldn't draw. This came about through a whole lot of living and, sometimes, almost dyi