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The Meaning of Life, the Universe and Everything Else

In Douglas Adams' book/movie 'The Hitchhikers Guide to the Universe' a race of mentally superior beings create a super computer to give them the answer to the meaning of life...Of course it's the number '42'.  It's as good as anything else, I suppose. The advantage of actually living to an older age (And there aren't many) is you can look back at your life and it somehow makes sense...Sometimes it's all nonsense...But you can look at all the threads, decisions, journey's, heartaches and fears that led you to a place you never really believed you'd experience. Seriously, back in high school our math teacher had us figure out what our ages would be when we entered into the year 2000 and, firstly...Old! Secondly, I don't think anyone who knew/knows me would have believed I'd make it that far. I was on a path of self destruction though, as hard as I tried, I never really mastered.  I got to this point and look at all the goals I'