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Jus a Little Insane...

I have had a lot of strange things that have happened to me in my life..Visions, visitations, floating bodies, spilling of blood and so forth...Many of them were, and still are, unexplained and will doubtless remain so. Some I have discovered to be cautious about sharing because there are those people out there who will love to give you lithium and Prozac all manners of drugs to make you 'Well'... ...They tried but I have a sister who challenged them every step of the way. Anyway...My father came from an old fashioned Pentecostal family with the speaking in tongues, miracles and all the rest and my mother, my mother was a child of the Earth, the seventh daughter of a seventh daughter with a load of stories to tell that defied all logic and entranced me from the beginning. Personally, I found the 'Church' a problem in a lot of ways (Which would seem to be a major problem when I went off to 'Bible School', but that's another long story we'll get to