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One For the History Books

When it comes to reading material, I prefer non-fiction over fiction. Usually. As we've moved into the 21st century with all of the access we have to so sources once impossible to find, along with the 'Freedom Of Information Act', anyone with the time and patience to go looking for the 'Truth' just might find it...And it probably isn't anywhere near to what they taught us in school. History is almost always written by the 'Victors' and very seldom do we ever get to hear the other side of anything. Why this person did that, or what motivated a leader to declare war or where the whole mess started in the first place? All of these questions usually boil down to greed for the most part and history is filled with bold stories about our ancestors fighting the good fight to win the country we live in today...Only history isn't simple. It's not always about right or wrong and 'Truth', that's like a used slinky, twisted and impossible to f

The Good Old Days

- I don't sit around and look at the past through a glass covered with misty illusions. There were good moments, bad moments, and a whole boat load of incredibly lucky moments inter-spaced with long ass boring moments where I was merely existing. I spent more time drawing, painting and reading than pretty much anything else. Wasn't much of a television watcher back in the day, only had a few shows I liked. Granted, we really didn't have much of a selection in my youth. Actually, we still don't. Lots of different stations filming shows of the same stories with different people set in different time periods and changing only the locations, but basically they're the same stories. I guess that's why they're using comic books for inspiration...Don't get me wrong. I love what Netflix has done with 'Daredevil', 'Luke Cage', 'Jessica Jones' and, yes, even 'Iron Fist'...Face it, that last character is a hard sell because he is,