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Madness is Easy

There are so many things in this life which can't be explained. I suppose that's why some turn to 'Faith', others to Science and many more to whatever it takes to keep from trying to understand the whys and hows and whats that happens to us during this incredibly short life time. I understand the turning to religion, to 'Faith', because the very fact we live and die terrifies us...What comes next is known only to those who have already gone on and they simply aren't talking. Not in any kind of sense, anyway. I've seen people who have died years earlier, not in the darkness of night or in some creaky old stereotypical building, but in day light. Some one standing next to me doesn't see them, doesn't hear them, and I learned a long time ago to keep most of those moments to myself because, unless you're headlining your own television show, people think you're crazy. And crazy isn't a bad place to be. Recently I've been looking ba