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I need to be clear about this...I didn't attend Bible School because I had some guilt about the life I'd led or some huge revelation like Saul/Paul. I had no problem with most of my life up until that time dancing with the whole Dark Magick experience and I saw/did a great many things that I've come to discover it's best not talking about it to just anyone, moments that I can't explain and you probably wouldn't have believed had you not seen it for yourself. I started out my spiritual life with the whole 'Gaia' aspect of Witchcraft and moved almost effortlessly into the dark side where, yeah, I did get just a wee bit careless now and then. For the most part. There were a couple of things that almost drove me insane, that burned images into my mind so strongly I couldn't remove them, couldn't drive them away and that part almost killed me because I refused to sleep, eat or do much of anything normal. I ended up taking care of the problem in a


I hate being labeled. When I registered for college there was a space for your 'Ethnicity' and I checked 'Other', always have. I didn't want to be known as any specific 'Type' because I've always known we are never just one thing. To my parents I was a son, to my sister, a brother, to my friends as Mike and it just goes on and one. A single word, a label, can never describe a person and yet we're still stuck with having them attached to us. Artist. Man. White guy. Witch. Minister. Writer. Anarchist (Antichrist?).  I've had the displeasure of having several Psychiatrists slap several labels on me and I really don't know how to spell them so I'll just leave that to your imagination. In the 80s you could rightly say I was an alcoholic and drug abuser and you'd be right.  Still, they're just words. Images that, by themselves, elicit singular images...Most of the time. We have this place in our heads that say an 'Artist'