Where Are Those Who Dare?

Once upon a time we were a people who dared to venture into the unknown. Well, some of us were...Some had to do so in order to stay alive because they weren't like those around them, they didn't believe in the same religion, they didn't like following the same rules, maybe they opened their mouths and said the wrong thing about the wrong person at the wrong time, or maybe they were committed a crime and just needed to stay one step of whatever law ruled. Some had no choice in the matter...Some were women whose husbands made the decision to leave and women had no say in the matter.

Some were slaves and we know how that worked. There are still people out there who are saying 'Let's make America great again' when they really mean 'Let's make America white, racists and in charge of everyone who isn't...Again'. But that's not what this is about.

Sort of.

This is about those who dared to journey from one place to another, not having the slightest idea what lay ahead of them. And once there, they just kept on going...It can't really be called an 'Adventure' because, let's face it, they left a trail of bodies and blood in their wake...Not all of them, but enough to really be ashamed of if looked at with eyes wide open instead of just believing the movies of John Ford and the early film makers who made every Native American into a blood thirsty savage and every white man a noble knight fighting them off when the truth was a whole lot different. 

Again, not the main point.

In between all the slaughter and slavery, there were those who stood up and questioned the actions of the leaders of this country. Most of the time we never really ever got to know about them because, from the very beginning, their stories were completely squashed by those in charge. The average American must never know just how savage we were in our actions in taking over this country we call America. Every time someone tried to tell the truth it was destroyed, usually along with the reputation and career of the person who tried to tell it.

The Civil War began to turn the tide when those who survived, mutilated and shattered and never the same, returned home and tried to go back to how it was before and failed. Then came the first World War and even more horrors, this time the stories were starting to actually be told, not in America, but overseas...Terrible atrocities, chemicals, starvation, deaths beyond comprehension and it was called the war to end all wars...Until the next war. Some journalists tried, they really tried, to tell the whole story about the making of the Atomic Bomb, the scientists involved were told they were making a bomb to defeat Hitler but declassified documents show that no one wanted to use the bomb on 'European' people so they manipulated and waited until Hitler was gone and when the scientists, thinking they were no longer were needed and wanted to leave, were forced to stay, to make the bomb to use on Japan.

There's enough evidence to show complicity that allowed the disaster at Hawaii to happen in order to use the bomb.

America was lied to every step of the way. Those in charge knew about the radiation and still allowed American troops to enter the war zone without proper gear to 'Prove' it was safe. The public was told we dropped pamphlets warning Hiroshima about the attack...We did not. They financed a movie about the event, showed the plane being shot at as it heroically dropped the bomb...Not true. And there were Americans being held prisoner in the area, a slight 'Oversight'. A few journalists tried to report the truth...One had every story destroyed by MacArthur but, years later, after he died, his son found his carbon copies and the book was finally published and it was terrifying. John Hershy and Life Magazine, defying the orders of the Government to keep a lid on what had happened during the bombing, to the people, to the buildings, and the after effects, dared to go where our ancestors went...To a place no one else had gone.

They dared to challenge the unknown.

As the years went by, there have been others who have dared to take that dangerous and unknown road...Woodward and Bernstein are a couple of popular names who had, at one time, the courage to stare into the darkness and face whatever was staring back. Now we have a monster who wakes up every day and creates a new horror for each and every one of us, threatening any one who dares to question his orders with some atrocity...He is at the very least on the same level as any other Nazi and has the potential of being so much worse because he's insane enough to start a war that might very well be the one that ends all wars...

...And the world as well.

We have to be like those who dared to venture into the wilderness without any idea of what waits there for us. Yeah, it could mean being eaten alive by some animal or dying of exposure or something worse, but every day we do nothing is another day this guy destroys every thing so many people have fought and died for...Good people who believed in the righteousness of what America is suppose to stand for: Equality, the right to believe whatever Faith we want without being afraid of some asshole burning down our house, the right to achieve happiness, the right to love and be loved. 

Let's not make America Hate Again. I've seen that part of history and it sucks. Trump and his cretins have to go...I don't care how or where, but anywhere else other than here.

Before we have no say in the matter whatsoever.


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