What Is Your Truth?

Truth is a difficult subject to quantify. It's different for everyone and is so often covered up by one to pacify, to change, because it's considered 'Wrong' or 'Selfish' or 'Misguided'...A noble idea that eventually ends up being painful for everyone involved.

Way back in the dark ages of high school I had a teacher by the name of Vi W., and we butted heads on almost every thing. I don't know why but we just didn't get along...Until a few years later when we ran into each other in college. She'd gone back and I was just starting and it was a whole new ball game. We were on a different level and she, maybe I, was different. This time I listened. This time she was able to get into my head and she gave me a whole lot of good advice but the best, the one which stuck with me over the years was trite, old fashioned and turned out to be the most important as life began to chip away at me day by day: To thy own self be true. 

I didn't pay attention to it at the time. I was young and thought I knew it all, like most kids. I'd kind of touched the heavens here and there, found a bit of happiness with a moment, a touch, an idea, but there was a whole lot of programming I had to overcome and that's not an easy matter. The big problem with being true to oneself is that you are going to hurt someone else...This is a fact of life and can't be changed. We can't see beyond that pain and see it's only a temporary thing, a moment in time as opposed to a long, drawn out process where we let our anger spread out over those we should be loving and caring for, not on purpose, not with surgical precision, but because we don't know how do deal with our mistakes, with our wrong decisions so long before, that left turn when we should have turned right. 

My mother was a woman who never put traditional blinders upon my life. She never told me to be this way or that, she always told me to follow my heart but warned me of the problems of those decisions, very real problems in this fucked up world of fairy tales and myths, a world that worships a faith of 'Death' instead of Life...The religions of this world revolve around the next life and not this one and because of that we miss out on so very much. 

I know this from personal experience.

I went to a Bible School because it was a good idea, because it was 'Expected'. I married, had children, helped start a church, worked at more than one as an 'Associate', worked for more than one famous 'Televangelist' and when I walked away, when I turned my back, when I was told I'd never be forgiven by those who once said they loved me (And they never did forgive, these 'Christian' people) because I was tired of telling lies...Everyone I ever knew who actually went to Seminary (And this includes ALL of those who were my classmates), those who studied the texts in Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic, those who read the orders of King Jimmy to the 'Church' for the reasons of the 'Bible', to the purposeful changing of the meanings of certain words in order to justify the Inquisition, to the lies of the entire current crop of 'Prophets' claims of healing the sick, raising the dead and the oh so profitable 'Give and ye shall receive ten fold' scam...We became something of a hated group. 

I can say I lost a great deal...But I can also say I'll die with a clear conscience, my soul will be unburden. 

This world has tried to make you believe it is right to believe in only one 'God' and is a 'He' and is 'White, Heterosexual' and most certainly 'American' (By way of Israel)...'God' is in us all, 'God' has no color, 'God' doesn't care what your sexuality is, and 'God' only cares that you 'Love'...Period! 

I would rather die for the fact that I found love, real love, than to live in a world of misery and called it 'Love'...It takes a great deal of courage to actually Love. There will always be people who will turn away, who will hate and revile and try and destroy your for what you've found...That's because they will never know what you have found. For every one who turns against you, there will be two to stand beside you who will support your decision...Those who make the noise on the news aren't the majority of this world, they're simply the loudest.

And, yeah, sometimes the most dangerous.

Their time is coming to an end. 

I believe in the power of life and Love. Humanity has its ugly moments, war and death always seem to cast a large shadow, but we continue and that's because there are good people out there, real people who care, who love, not what you'd call 'Religious'...Good. Those who accept.

Who care.

So be true to yourself. You just might be surprised at the results.

I do know you'll be a whole lot happier.



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