Saving Ourselves

This world is overburden with religions and wannabe 'Messiahs'...We tend to look to the past to find these spiritual leaders because it's too damn hard to prove or disprove anything or any one who lived thousands of years ago and we're told to simply believe, to take the whole 'Savior' thing on 'Faith'. This 'Faith' has led humanity into war after war, every obscenity against mankind has usually been done in the name of 'Religion'. We have these mass volumes of 'Scriptures' or 'Holy Writ' to guide us and only a small percentage of believers ever really read these words, they surround themselves with others who believe like themselves and they let them do the reading, and interpretations to their 'Leaders' and the result...

...We continue to strike out against those who don't believe, we attack with words and fists and anger and hate and we call it 'God's Love'.

Bottom line: We don't need 'Saviors'. All we need is to realize the person next to us is human, they bleed red blood, they have hopes, dreams, fears, and they love with the same passion and heart as every other person on the planet. 

And yet, here in the 21st century we're sliding backward toward darkness faster than any time in history save, perhaps, the Inquisitions'. Religious people don't go in much for history, they think all they need are in their books of rules, and it doesn't matter how much anyone actually confronts them with facts, with evidence, they aren't going to believe you. The world, in their minds, is only 6000 years or so old...They believe the dinosaurs were killed by 'God' during the great flood of Genesis, they believe all sorts of really idiotic stories about history because some person, usually an old white guy, gets up and tells them to ignore 'Fake History', believe only them...Even if it takes them into a world of despots and slavery.

I've never understood how religion can warp and twist a person's soul so much they are willing to ignore common sense and commit atrocity after atrocity. It's as if humanity actually needs someone to hate, someone to beat down and be angry with in order to survive...I've heard newscasters actually make declarations about 'Jesus being white' and other idiotic words which, if one even looked into the region and era when someone like him was suppose to live, he wasn't white. That's the movies, the racists who want to keep their race at the top of the spiritual food chain, and the politicians playing on the fears of the ignorant and frightened in order to keep their place at the head of the table. 

We don't need another 'Messiah'...We simply need people who know right from wrong, people who know we're all the same on the inside, in our hearts and souls, and for these people to stand up, face the hatred and ugly side of their psyches and say enough. It's beginning, again, with the revolution of powerful men being called out on their abuse of women, nor does it stop there. In the last few days the abuse of children by these powerful individuals has risen to the top of humanities ugly and the rich and powerful are starting to become justifiably afraid...They are faced with the reality their power is only as strong as the public allows it, their hatred is no longer allowed or accepted as status quo, they are terrified of being exposed as the animals they truly are and this is just a beginning. The Hollywood power elite are being shown just how terrible their world is, politicians are starting to realize that they are always under surveillance  and when a politician says 'Abortion is wrong' and then is discovered trying to arrange one for his pregnant lover he is found out. 

My story is pretty much known by now, the whole Bible School thing, the working for powerful televangelists, my part in the GLBTQ Community and how I'm not going to hide from who and what I am, but I cannot 'Free' anyone, I can only show those who are going through what I went through that, eventually, life can get better. All those who turn their backs on you because you're not 'Same' will be replaced with those who love and care for you as you are, not how anyone else wants you to be. 

No matter what path you choose, no matter what life has made of you and no matter how much you try to hide that aspect from others, people are going to be eventually hurt, more if you try to 'Live the lie' instead of being yourself. You don't need a religion, you don't need a 'Messiah or Prophet', you only need the true you, you only need to learn that love is out there waiting for you to look for it without fear. The more you're attacked, the more hate thrown in your direction, none of this is new. History is filled with those who have tried to eliminate every one who isn't 'Same' throughout history and we are still here.

If you have a 'Faith', that's okay. If your 'Faith' tells you to hate, to discriminate, to beat and kill, that is not. 

Love won't fix everything...Hell, sometimes it makes things harder...But it's where we all have to begin. It's where each journey starts. One step, one voice, one declaration...That's how a movement starts out. There are millions out there hiding their true selves from everyone because they're terrified of what has been happening in this world today: Hate crimes are at a new high, racism and bigotry are rife within our own country and every day some Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgender/Queer person is told they're an abomination of 'God', they're attacked and hated and all without reason, without any purpose save some old spiritual leader tells you it's what 'God' wants you to do.

Fuck that.

Time to start thinking for yourself. Time to take that first step and be true to yourself and then begin your own voyage into the future...Hopefully you will have the opportunity to live a life so many others in history have not been able to achieve. Hopefully there will be a future for you and the rest of the world.  'Jesus' isn't going to come back from anywhere to save you, but the world could still end just the same...We have an incredibly unstable idiot in the White House, an asshole who only needs to have his feelings hurt in order to push the buttons to the end of all life. 

Stop him.

Visibility is important...Visibility gives the fearful courage...Visibility is the only thing which will save us all.


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