The Return

I'm back. 

There are a lot of reasons but the largest is the fact that while I revealed a lot of my life in the old 'A Witches Story', I didn't tell everything. I evaded a lot of my life because (I told myself) it was out of respect...That was a lie. Mainly it was out of fear. Not so much fear for what might happen to me, that's a done thing, but for those around me. I didn't want to hurt those I loved and, it turned out, those very people have long since turned their backs on my, on my belief's and, sadly, on the fact that I'd always been bisexual. 

This is the 21st century and I'd honestly thought we'd have moved way beyond this argument. We were suppose to be a country where Civil Rights existed, where Gay Rights were legal and marriage was now accepted without fear, where Women are suppose to have the same legal standing in society as their male counterparts. I thought the time of when two people of different races would be as normal and accepted as any other coupling...Well, I was wrong...I was very wrong.

All it takes is a few moments on any (Actual) news website or CNN and you'll discover this world is coming apart because a small, very loud minority who use the Bible as their reason for hatred, murder and bigotry have set out to make the 21st century into the 17th century. Those who kill in the name of 'God' are most often not prosecuted for their crime, those who rape and beat and terrorize women are given slaps on the wrist, and those who continue to kill 'Minorities' in the name of justice, the police and other law agency's, receive no punishment. And they praise their image of 'God' as their reason, their reason to kill without fear, their reason to continue killing.

I'd say anyone who looked into history would see that we're on the same path of the European Inquisition but today we have sites on the Net which twist around history and tell an entirely different version of the truth...There are those who refute the entire concept of Nazi Concentration Camps ever existed, there are those who continue to misquote the Bible, so often the King Jimmy version which is so very badly misinterpreted version in existence and, if they knew any history outside the Church's influence, they would know this book was mistranslated on purpose...The reason for the Bible was, and still is, used to keep the poor, the uneducated, the common, under control, not just with the fear of 'Hell', a concept that was stolen from another religion in the first place, but also with the fear of being arrested, tortured, and killed with the blessing of the Church...Well, when the Church wasn't directly involved.

Honestly, people, how many times do you have to watch a minister or priest or any other agent of 'God' fall from grace, from being exposed as someone totally opposite of what they tell their flock they should be? And how many times do we continue give them a second chance because they quote the Bible's 'Get out of jail verse' (1st John 1:9...Look it up), put them back in their pulpit and wait until it all happens again? How many innocent lives have to be lost or destroyed before we realize organized religion is a bane in our existence.

These words are being written because the Church calls my kind of people an 'Abomination', hell, that alone is incentive enough for me to be in that category. Nor is it because I'm a Witch...Not the kind of long ago where, thanks to the lies of the Church, any Witch equaled being a 'Satanist'...Believe me, the first organization I ever joined were the Satanists and I know the difference between the two...I'll explain this in further blogs...I believe in this world, in the Magick and power of Nature of our home. And this is our home, people. Here's a little known fact about space travel: Once a human enters space their immune system stops working...Until we get to another planet and check to see if our immunity is based upon gravity or is only because of this world, we're stuck here and we need to take care of our home, we need to stop those with more money than most of us can imagine from destroying this world before it really is too late for our species.

Yep, I'm not going to hold back on this site on virtually every thing. I've grown tired of staying silent because of what others might think about me, I've grown weary of sitting back and watching humanity become these fat globs of nothingness without the ability of conversing beyond what they watched on television, what movie they saw, or what food they ate the previous day. We need to return to a place where we can speak face to face with other individuals instead of watching celebrities do it for us. We need to review our early training by parents and a society that beats the whole 'Fear of God' into our brains and realize that whatever might have happened over two thousand years ago (And regardless of what any 'Christian' college or church tells you, there is no historic evidence to Jesus ever existing) and start living in this world, this time, and we need to rid our nation of leaders who represent the rich instead of representing the real people out there. 

We need a revolution.

If we don't act soon we will become just another country with a Dictator in charge instead of a President and every freedom we once believed to be a reality becomes a fallacy, a fairy tale, a lie. 

So, screw it. I won't be around much longer so I don't give a crap what threats this blog will bring...If it's anything like the last those threats will include my death. Keeps things interesting, I suppose. But this is just the beginning.

Be here for the fallout. 

As always...



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