'Grail' was a story I worked on for years, went through several drafts and did lots (LOTS) of drawings but, in the end, as good as I think the story is I cannot write it. Bottom line is the story, though it seems to be about this one guy it's about four women who are actually Gods who have been born into the human race to help save this world from itself...And I use the word 'Gods' but they're really something else...Being mortal we have no words for them.

But I've written the story 'Bible' and, like I said, did a lot of drawings. So I'm going to just put these portraits up and I think most of you will recognize them...All artists use models and images and people to inspire a character. I'm no different.

Just older.

'Grail' is based in San Francisco and quite obviously an LGBTQ tale with an inclusive cast. There will be more tomorrow and for a while cause...A lot of drawings!


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