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In Between

  Have you ever noticed biographical books are filled with highs and lows and pretty much centers upon the authors ideas and feelings as though the words they wrote were 'Facts'. The truth is way more complicated because there are huge gaps of time between the highs and lows as though there was nothing happening and that's actually where the truth lies.  Well, one truth anyway. I won't see my next birthday and there's a lot of things which help defined the life that I've had. Yesterday my sister told me she was looking for the life insurance policy she'd taken out a long time back and couldn't find it so she asked Alexa how to go about finding it and was given a site which tells about a person's life. She found the one pertaining to me and paid the price and was more than a bit surprised. It had a record of pretty much everything that one would consider a high or a low, my arrests records, my military record (Which is still considered secret and I