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A couple of years back I was given a rather startling, though not unexpected, diagnosis and I determined I didn't want to die stupid...Or ignorant is perhaps a  more apt word. I grew up on the south side of town, all my friends were of different races and I never really thought about things like racism and bigotry and the like and kind of felt proud of that fact. But, then again, I was white. Poor, yeah...Still white.  I guess in high school I started to realize there was a difference. My friends were picked on because they were hanging around a white guy and I was called a few names because I hung around everyone who wasn't white. I shrugged it off. Or ended up in  a fight...Whatever. Then a close friend of mine, Hispanic, shot himself because of his relationship with a white girl...There was a whole world of hate going on in his life that I didn't see until after the fact. He survived but the future he once had as (What I saw) one of the best artists I ever knew was