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And then...

September of this year marked 30 years of being sober. I had quit counting the years a while back but I'd been gong through some files and ran across the Visa Slip for the rehab place and it had the date of my admission. Honestly, it doesn't seem that long ago... ...But then everything doesn't seem that long ago these days. Anyway, back to rehab. They put me into the 'Quiet Room' as I sweated the last bottle of booze from my system and then we got down to business. I won't bore you with the details so if you want to know about what happens in rehab watch the Michael Keaton movie 'Clean and Sober'...My experience was pretty much the same. Only one thing different. They gave me a little notebook and told me to write down every illegal thing I'd ever done and I wrote down on the front page in large letters: NOT IN THIS LIFETIME. They weren't amused. Then came the whole group therapy part. They kept asking me why I was an alcoholic and I ke