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In this crazy mixed up world people who believe they have a purpose, a strong belief they have a reason for being, usually end up with the the whole 'Crazy' label stamped on their asses. As kids we're prone to follow the example of our parents or family and become little replicas of their lives...We might not enter the same work as them but our attitudes and, yeah, our prejudices, will dig into our souls.  The whole 'Nature vs Nurture' conflict...Which I'm not going into. Ever. From the time I was a kid I knew two things: I wanted to become an artist (Not just any artist, mind you, but one who could make my drawings look like photographs) and, secondly, I never saw skin color. Thing is, and I didn't learn this until decades later, I could afford to not see skin color because I was white (Gasp!) I always went to the movies with my friends who were different races and never once thought twice about it. We were friends and that's what friends did.