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Probably NSFW...Or bigots. Have a happy Thanksgiving.

Being Thankful in a World of Hate

Sometimes I'm in awe of the fact I have actually live this long. I'm fairly certain there are those I know who feel the same because, let's face it, I shouldn't be here. I've pushed the limits on pretty much everything life has to offer, some legal, others not so much. I do know this: Had I been among the early settlers in America I would have been hung or kicked out of anywhere I ended up.  Which is a lot like the world I'm living in today. Honestly, a lot of problems that have plagued me could have been cut off before they began if I'd only been as honest as I wanted to be way back when. Once upon a time I asked someone to marry me, the reasons surrounding the marriage aren't important, not anymore, but I was determined to tell this person the truth about my life before we actually agreed to be married. I started to, but she refused to hear anything, saying 'God didn't care, neither did she'...Which sounds good in theory but in reality