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The Kiss

Because I never know what FB will or won't find acceptable here are the cells from 'The Kiss'  I didn't get the animation job but I did get work from this assignment...But I did remember where the grabs came from. It's still hypnotic.  

Trying To Stay Alive in The Wilderness

2018 was a difficult year to handle...A lot of deaths, more gray in the hair (On the plus side, still have hair) and the eyesight isn't what it use to be. I'm not complaining, well, sort of not complaining. I mean, c'mon, I've been able to live my dream since childhood, seen a few places, won some awards, had my art in galleries and I'm still drawing so no real complaints. More like...Observations. Every time I became stuck in the 'Wilderness' of art, that place all creative people go when they've hit a barrier and can't seem to fight their way through without the outside aid of drugs and drink and by the time we do, we pretty much don't care. Sober up and try again...It's when we let go of our inner censors, those things our parents and society taught us were real while they fed us on the fantasies of what a perfect family, and children, were like via really bad, ultra conservative television shows. Only when we kick down that last barri