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Countdown (Prologue)

  Ever notice that we tend to have things we need to do and very often don't do them? There are a lot of reasons but the main mental blockage is that we think we'll find the time to do these things somewhere in the future. Problem is we don't know when this 'Present' will end and the future isn't promised to anyone. No one. Zilch. Nada. I have a birthday coming up next month and it's marks the countdown to the time when just getting up in the morning isn't a given. Seventy is just around the corner and I'm at the age when I could simply fall down for no reason and not get back up. Truth is that could have happened anytime in the last ten years but I didn't feel old. Until my sister took my photograph. Lines everywhere and I've lost so much weight so quickly that my skin is just kinda hanging and it really sucks! It's not like a surprise, I was told by my lung doctor exactly how I'll die if I don't get killed in some car accident o