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Spiritual Evolution

A hundred years ago people pretty much didn't live after 40. Disease, poverty, war and racial divides were a way of life and death, the medical breakthroughs in antibiotics and the ability to transplant organs just a dream of a few who could actually afford to have dreams. When you look back on history it's pretty obvious why people clung to religion to make it from day to day...They didn't have any room for spiritual evolution because they were focused on their now instead of their children's tomorrows.  Those who were able to break their bind to home, family and community and get an education beyond their controlled world discovered there was more to living than simply surviving, than having a family and watching the younger generations continue on living while they grew old and left out of the world at large. Even today with the Internet humanity still looks for that 'Small Town' feel, they seek out those who believe like themselves, they read works by th