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People are Strange...

This world has always been filled with ignorant and hateful people. Most of the time they were the ones in power, the elite, those who could read and had money and were, more often than not, associated with the 'Church' in some way.  I can understand people being intimidated by the 'Men of the Cloth', after all they had the hot line to 'God' and their words were sacred and important and if you didn't listen to them you'd most likely be tortured, raped and killed...I'm really unsure as to the order those events happened so...Then King Jimmy came up with an idea to have a 'Bible' that would be a handbook to keep the commoner from rebelling so he issued a decree the 'Church' put one together. Sorry to break your ignorance, the Bible didn't just fall out of the sky. There are estimated over seven miles of letters, contracts and other things of importance in the Vatican Library but there are no 'Original' stories from the B