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It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time

This was going to be about censorship because Facebook decided to censor the painting I placed on my homepage. I have never understood these groups who make the decisions as to what a person can or cannot see, mostly because they're always contradictory or just plain stupid. For instance, FB allowed this picture:  But decided this one was too 'Sexual': Makes no sense to me. Still, it got me thinking about how we go through life censoring or own stories, our 'Real' selves because we're afraid we might alienate someone close to us or lose us a friend or family member (Which has happened to me on more than one occasion). A lot of times we work around our personal history, insinuating and not just saying because those who love you will stick by your side and those who don't, well, the decision on what to do or say isn't always easy. But these parts of our lives shouldn't be hidden because they helped make us who we are which, most of the time

Life in the Harsh Light of Day

The Stone Age...More truthfully, the late 60s. Casa Grande was a small town in the middle of nowhere, only had a few shops, lots of bars, a drive in theater and the main theater downtown,  and you could probably walk the entire place in an hour and virtually everyone you saw on that hike you'd know, by reputation if not personally. Pretty much true of all small towns. Not a whole lot to do for entertainment, legal anyway. We had a library over at Peart Park, looked like a miniature fort built out of Adobe, small, only four main rooms of books and a swamp cooler that would cause the books to curl during those hot days of summer. I spent a lot of time at that place, reading almost everything it had to offer and that included a bunch of biographies and autobiographies...For most this was as close to the outside world they'd ever come and dreams were what kept most of us going back then. We knew nothing about the unrest throughout the world, this is Arizona, after all and almos