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Where Are Those Who Dare?

Once upon a time we were a people who dared to venture into the unknown. Well, some of us were...Some had to do so in order to stay alive because they weren't like those around them, they didn't believe in the same religion, they didn't like following the same rules, maybe they opened their mouths and said the wrong thing about the wrong person at the wrong time, or maybe they were committed a crime and just needed to stay one step of whatever law ruled. Some had no choice in the matter...Some were women whose husbands made the decision to leave and women had no say in the matter. Some were slaves and we know how that worked. There are still people out there who are saying 'Let's make America great again' when they really mean 'Let's make America white, racists and in charge of everyone who isn't...Again'. But that's not what this is about. Sort of. This is about those who dared to journey from one place to another, not having the sli

'I Saw That Coming'

When I was a kid I never really paid attention to the things going on around me...I guess I was too busy reading a book or drawing or just plain day dreaming to notice the real world. I suppose I picked up on some things subconsciously, certain words, stances, looks, especially those that advertised 'Danger' in big freaking letters. When those came along I usually turned around and tried to avoid any contact with what was causing them. I always figured I was something of a coward. Turned out, that wasn't the case. One day I was sitting outside the gym building waiting for the current class to leave when this bully came up to where I and others were just talking. I don't remember what he said, only that it was mean and ugly...He had an older brother who was once the school bad ass and I guess he was leaning on that reputation, I don't know...But then he reached into my shirt pocket and pulled out my typing eraser and ripped out all the brushes and I remember th

All In...

There are three kinds of people you can't frighten. The insane, those who have some kind of 'Faith' and purpose in life, and those who have absolutely nothing left to lose. You cannot change their minds, you cannot rationalize with them, you cannot hope to 'Fix' them.  Sometimes this isn't a bad thing. Sometimes you get a Gandhi, a Martin Luther King, and thousands of others whose names are never known but their works of peace and love inspire us to be better human beings. Then again, sometimes you get a Charles Manson or Donald Trump and that list is pretty long as well...The passion in both camps is strong, powerful, and I believe even they sometimes forget why they began their battles, they get lost in why they took up their figurative and literal swords to do battle to make their world a better place, a world whose rivers and oceans are turning into blood and the earth is a massive cemetery. I haven't forgotten my reason for what I've been work

This Song Is About You

One day, some time ago, I was working with this guy on a project. He was an elderly man and I was a 'sort of' friend of his son but I liked the man, he was a no nonsense person who didn't give a damn who or what you were as long as you were up front about your self and was a hard worker and he had a whole lot of great stories and I learned a lot while working with him. In the middle of the job he stopped and looked at me and let out a heavy sigh and looked at me and said 'That boy of mine sure turned out to be a disappointment.' And wondered aloud if it was his fault. We talked for a long time and I assured him none of whatever he felt was 'disappointing' had nothing to do with him'. I've never been big on blaming parents for what happens to us. My mother had a huge influence on me in positive ways and my dad showed me a whole lot of negative aspects of life, but neither of them ever led me to abusing drinking and drugs. In fact there is no si