All In...

There are three kinds of people you can't frighten. The insane, those who have some kind of 'Faith' and purpose in life, and those who have absolutely nothing left to lose. You cannot change their minds, you cannot rationalize with them, you cannot hope to 'Fix' them. 

Sometimes this isn't a bad thing. Sometimes you get a Gandhi, a Martin Luther King, and thousands of others whose names are never known but their works of peace and love inspire us to be better human beings. Then again, sometimes you get a Charles Manson or Donald Trump and that list is pretty long as well...The passion in both camps is strong, powerful, and I believe even they sometimes forget why they began their battles, they get lost in why they took up their figurative and literal swords to do battle to make their world a better place, a world whose rivers and oceans are turning into blood and the earth is a massive cemetery.

I haven't forgotten my reason for what I've been working toward and I probably fall into all three groups. I am a little crazy (Maybe a bit more than little), I believe in humanity and I really don't have anything to lose. Sometimes I piss people off, which isn't always a bad thing, and I have my little irritations against humanity which I won't let go of and it's cost me a lot. There are certain types of people in this world, those who think they are owed something for simply being here, and those who work their asses off, sometimes without a reward of any kind. I cannot bear laziness of any kind...I guess that is one trait of my father's that I have to thank him for (And there aren't many). I refuse to stop learning, and not the 'Authorized' truth, the other truth, the truth from those who where there, the survivors. For example, there was a photographer at the massacre at Wounded Knee and the photographs and notes and reports are horrifying. Just as the reports, stories and photographs from the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and don't even try to justify these atrocities with 'Pearl Harbor' because history, the declassified documents tell a whole different story, a story that lets the world know we knew the attacks were coming...

...We simply wanted to know exactly what the Atomic Bombs could do. And we didn't want to use them on 'European' types.

I have a passion. I want to make this world a better place. I want to be able to prove humanity is worth being here, but those around us are not making it easy. Most of our species are lazy, parasitic leeches who feed off of others and give nothing but shit back in return for their presence, but we can, we must, do better. We have to destroy this ingrained desire man has to hate and kill and destroy all that is good and we have to change quickly because this once beautiful world of ours...It doesn't have a whole lot of time.

None of us do.

Time to do something drastic. 

Time to make a lot of noise.
  Or this is all that will be left of what was once a mighty species.


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