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I've been gone a while but that's because I've been busy, sort of working under a large and looming deadline. Actually, the last deadline. The first time one coughs up blood there's a sense of panic and each person reacts to that panic in different ways. I'd been told by a specialist how I would die, gave me a site with the Mayo Hospital where I could go when the symptoms were pointing the way toward the end. I was prepared for this and kind of shrugged it off. One time could be anything...Logic was never my strong point...But then it continued and it no longer entered into the 'Maybe it's nothing' area and moved into 'How much blood?' Lots. Then it came out during urinating and every place where blood could escape from. Some days are better than others but the flag had been raised and I went to the Mayo site and asked a few questions.  Not reassuring. There were still other signs to look out for. One was when the fingernails started turning blue