People are Strange...

This world has always been filled with ignorant and hateful people. Most of the time they were the ones in power, the elite, those who could read and had money and were, more often than not, associated with the 'Church' in some way.  I can understand people being intimidated by the 'Men of the Cloth', after all they had the hot line to 'God' and their words were sacred and important and if you didn't listen to them you'd most likely be tortured, raped and killed...I'm really unsure as to the order those events happened so...Then King Jimmy came up with an idea to have a 'Bible' that would be a handbook to keep the commoner from rebelling so he issued a decree the 'Church' put one together.

Sorry to break your ignorance, the Bible didn't just fall out of the sky. There are estimated over seven miles of letters, contracts and other things of importance in the Vatican Library but there are no 'Original' stories from the Bible. None. Nada. Zip. It took years for the holy guys finally put something together that didn't contradict any other 'Book' and even then they were ordered to change certain words that excused Jimmy from being one of those Inquisitors who did the torture, killing and so forth. Oh, words like 'Witch' and 'Sorcerer' and you get the picture. 

When the printing press got up and moving more and more information started to get out to the world and even common folk started to learn how to read...Well, except for those bound to certain religious orders that needed to keep their people ignorant and away from the real world.  


Now we can pretty much find out anything we want with a little work and the ability to pull yourself from that world of constant crap into one where you really want to learn something of worth. Most won't and when they do they usually end up going to an 'Expert' blog written by someone of knowledge from their own belief and that just continues the whole fucking mess that has made up this world.

 (Pay attention!)
    And, for some reason I can't fathom, the 'Church' and the lawmakers in virtually every large country, want to control what we do in the bedroom (Or outside, the kitchen table, bath tub...Wherever) to the point where many individuals are either beaten or killed and they say it's 'God's Will' and they just continue to live in stupidity. I am not pointing fingers at Islam, not at all. America has this huge problem with tolerance when it comes to any kind of sex outside of the Missionary Position performed in the dark of night with no lights whatsoever...I think there's usually a sheet in between the two as well. Hate crimes in this country has risen drastically every year and the thing that pisses religious and political people the most is the notion that women dare to have the notion they're in control of their own bodies.

Since Trump has been in office the GOP have gone above and beyond their power to make certain we live in a world where women know their place...Thing is, they think women's place is in the home. Period. They think it's being a human being with equal rights. 

Men are incredibly fucked up on this notion and I wish I could apologize for an entire gender but I can't. Most of them think the world is centered around their dicks and that there would be no lesbians if they only knew someone like them. Watch the senators and representatives in DC and their smiles are enough to give anyone the chills, especially when they continue to take away places where women can go for health care when they're not trying to make Wade vs Roe vanish and send children outside of the states to get an abortion. I was alive before Roe and I knew several women who made those journey's and their stories were horrifying and some of them had to be medically treated because the person they went to didn't really know what the fuck they were doing and the whole sterilizing thing...Not important.
 These days they're even more terrified of women having rights because it's been discovered they really don't need the help of a man to have a child (Gasp). C'mon, they've been able to create life in the lab, life from nothing more than a few chemicals, you didn't think we'd ever get to the place where men are no longer useful...Which, when you see most of 'em sitting around drinking and watching television 24/7 kinda proves the point.

We live in the 21st century and while we don't have flying cars we have a whole lot of great things. The technology has made knowledge available to any who seek it out and if a person wants to be ignorant, if that's what allows them to keep from hating and makes being a bigot easier...It's all on them.

I knew this woman from CG. I was living up in Phoenix and she and her husband came over and she was pretty much a mess. Her brother had AIDS and she'd taken care of him until the end and their parents told her to never come back to CG. We put up a place for them to rest for a while and life, for them, went on.  People prefer ignorance...They can turn their back on those they should be loving with a sort of righteousness because, in their minds, AIDS will always be a 'Gay' disease and they have absolutely no idea about how it's spread or the advances made in medicine (The third case of AIDS apparently being cured by a new treatment has been announced in the medical journals this week). I've faced this kind of hate here and there...The arm that almost had to be amputated, the exploding face, the seizures and strokes and the whole silence and turning away part without even trying...It hurts.

I'm a poor prophet. I honestly gave up on the world changing a long time ago...Embracing the different, the outsider, wasn't going to happen in my life but the kids today are giving me hope for the future. I am a Witch, I do embrace the planet and I know this...This is where I'll die and stay just as I've lived. Every religion has an idea, a pretty vision of their 'Heaven', and if that's what they want...Fine. I spent way too much time learning how to be a minister, going to a (Then) 'Elite' Bible school, working for old Oral, cleaning up after his drunken capers and making sure the bar was always kept in stock. Virtually every week another 'Minister' or 'Priest' makes the news for doing something entirely against what they preach and the strangest part?

They will be forgiven and will continue with their evilness, will continue to lie and fuck and steal and live high while their flock keeps tossing money their way because to not forgive, to actually see what they're doing is wrong on so many levels, would negate their entire belief, the 'Faith' and all the pain they've caused others because they felt so very just in their hearts when they read them the religious rant they learned from someone who told them it was 'God's Will'.
I'm an artist. Sometimes I write. I've made a good living out of it and most, well, most will never be known because there are those out there who would love to be able to point and say 'I told ya!' Then, in Arizona, anyway...They'd take you to court and try to get control over the artwork (Hey, that actually happened because a relative let it be known I'd signed a contract with someone...Not his fault). But if you want feel free to go and get a copy of the transcripts because it was a little viscous and meant to break me. (I was going through some health problems at the time and during this whole really freaking era I was actually in court in a wheelchair weighing about 110 pounds and even the judge wanted to know why they should continue this argument...Some day I'll tell you the four words spoken in reply that silenced an entire room for several minutes). 

I've always...Always...Looked at the person and not the gender or race of a person when it came to being friends or lovers or whatever. My mother knew. Before my dad died he found out as well and, to his credit, he tried to be civil. 

Not all of the people out there are that willing, that loving, that open to allow a person be a person. There are those who still believe in equality across the board and, yeah, America has a horrible record on civil and equal rights. Today you can pretty much turn to any news channel and you will see some white racist spouting their diarrhea of an excuse to their 'Rights' and if you aren't frightened, you should start.

   I don't care if I'm remembered in the end. I don't know what's next, if there is an after life or, as I'm fairly certain, I will come back as a lab rat. I do know my body will once again return to the planet which gave me life and if there is something else out there I pray it's better than what we have been here.

And I can say something many can't: I tried. In the end I hate no one.

Still, sorry about the curse I'm leaving behind. It can be stopped...But you'll have to spend some time finding out how.


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