Over Half a Century...

I should probably mention this post isn't really safe for work...

I haven't been writing a lot and there are reasons for this...All of them end up being my brain is a mess and every time I read the news I feel waves of insanity just flowing over my soul. I try to keep myself calm but, hey, this is one screwed up world we currently live in. So when I received a notice for the renewal of my Blog I figured now was as good as any to post those drawings I can't post directly onto FB.

Becoming an artist, or just a well rounded human being, means you have to discover where your boundaries lie. Once I was invited by a publisher to join others to hear his idea for a new comic book line and as we introduced ourselves the person before me, a really excellent artist, made the comment there were certain things they wouldn't illustrate. I came next and said there was probably nothing I wouldn't draw.

This came about through a whole lot of living and, sometimes, almost dying...But in the end I'd like to believe I became a better artist because (Maybe in spite) of those explorations. 

Mostly, I like human emotions. Portraits are my favorite things to draw but I've discovered people in love have the most interesting emotions.

 And so I draw. 

A lot.

 Every once in a while there's a particular pose or look I like enough to turn into a painting...And I really wish I had the time (And concentration) to do more painting but...

...You know. Life.

Anyway...To celebrate my faith in renewing my blog for another year I'm posting these drawings and paintings because they're some of my favorite illustrations.
 There will be more.


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