Julie Aramos Gallery Showing

Julie Aramos is an artist in San Francisco. Her father is Gabriel Aramos, successful writer and artist once married to Teresa Russell whose family were among the founding members of early San Francisco. A few years ago Julie was almost killed by her ex-boyfriend and as a result she's pretty much lived alone at one of her Godmother's many houses and, with the help of her dad she found her voice as an artist.

So, yes, this is a work of fiction built around the lives of several people I've known. Julie falls in love with a woman, Alona Carpenter, and as a result she starts working on a new art showing, 'Women in Love'.

 And her art show causes all sorts of problems with her Mother's family but she also discovers the person she didn't know she needed the most: Herself.

What's next are some of the drawings which are definitely NSFW and for anyone who has a problem with images of gay love.



 There are (Many) more illustrations and if you'd like me to continue the 'Grail' story, let me know. It's the kind of story that will cause heads of 'Fundamentalist's' everywhere. I worked with others on this tale for almost a decade and I'd like to share it with you. 

Let me know. 

 Of all I've ever written and drawn (I have two manuscripts that I'd worked on trying to make something different and daring and still it needs work). I really would like to share with you, my friends. 'Grail' is filled with LGBTQ, inter-racial, and other aspects of love and it's a positive tale where LGBTQ characters aren't killed off and aren't two dimensional. 

Also, I'm not really afraid of those assholes who think they act on 'God's' behalf. Ask my friend Devon Oxford, my brother and confident and one of those who actually saved this old pagan's mind and life by daring to become my friend as flesh and blood began to desert me because of their ignorance or misplaced righteousness. He's not the only one and I'll get around to the others. 

Damn, it feels good to just let go and let life happen.



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