Just a Thought...

When I was young I use to think there were certain aspects of life that would never change, the world as we knew it was somehow constant.

Short version: I was wrong. In so many ways. Remember that photograph the astronauts took of the Earth, the beautiful blue marble in the darkness of space? I kind of thought it would always be beautiful. Like I thought every animal that is facing extinction would always be here and that men and women were a given and so forth...Nothing stays the same.

We change.

If we're lucky, we learn to go with these changes, adapt, accept...If not, well, that's what 2000 year old religions are for. It lets us hide our heads in the sand and pretend everything is okay.

The one part of my life that changed, the part I hoped and expected to change, was my art. I was able to see what another artist could do and that said to me 'So can I', and it took forever but I've finally gotten to where I'm semi-pleased with my work.

And that's only because I learned to accept myself for who I was and to stop hiding, I guess.

Still, here are some of the drawings I've done which FB wouldn't really get all excited if I posted them on their dime. Enjoy.
The tonal drawings are a mixture of pencil/charcoal/ball point pen...I never seem to have enough time in the day to draw everything I want.

More to come.


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